Niveau can help with all your landscaping needs to create the perfect outdoor area

Landscaping projects


Niveau has been involved in the development of many residential, public and commercial Christchurch landscaping projects and have developed in machinery and skill to deal with most landscaping projects.


This development came out of a need to ensure the success of all projects we are commissioned to do. Not all projects are equal. Terrain, scope and scale of the project are factors one has to consider to make it successful. Luckily, we have been a part of many projects that have had different challenges attached to it. Each project has been an opportunity to learn and develop these new skills and technologies.


Our company is particularly accomplished in developing swimming pool projects with surrounding fencing, block work, small buildings, planters, outdoor entertainment areas, water features and other landscaping aspects incorporated in our clients specific projects.


So if you need landscaping, Christchurch is our home! We have been operating in this area for many years giving us an excellent understanding of the terrain and what is needed to get the job done.

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