Niveau Automatic Swimming Pool Covers are a fantastic way to maximise your swimming pool pleasure and enjoyment.

Relax while you unwind

With our pool covers, no longer do you need hold down buttons, manually wind up covers, see rails, guides, ropes or cables. Niveau Automatic Swimming Pool Covers can also be installed completely seamlessly and hidden so you don’t have to have the cover obstructing your views or taking away clear lines from your fantastic pool area design.


At the touch of a button or the click of a key, the controlled cover system retracts automatically and reveals your inviting swimming pool water ready for limitless fun, relaxation, socialising or exercise. And then at the end of it, the same simple press or turn of the key closes the pool for the day automatically.

Major benefits to investing in a swimming pool cover


When designing your swimming pool, it’s important to consider integrating a pool cover into the design to maximise your new home asset. As well as ease of use and being aesthetically pleasing, automatic pool covers add two main major benefits to the enjoyment of your pool and home life.

Temperature management


A pool cover works to maximise the economy and effectiveness of integrated heating systems such as heat pumps or solar systems used in the advanced heating systems of today’s swimming pools.


Ambient air temperatures naturally change daily and especially overnight. To maintain the desired swimming temperature in cooler climates, it’s important to have an effective thermal barrier between the outside air and your swimming pool water when the ambient temperature drops significantly. Heat loss from outdoor swimming pools occurs mainly from the surface. The colder the outdoor air temperature is, the higher the heat loss is. Evaporation from the surface of the pool can lower both the water temperature and the water level in the pool. Ten percent of pool energy loss is through the ground, another twenty percent is radiated to the sky and a massive seventy percent is from evaporation.

Swimming pool water quality management


Our modern day swimming pools have fantastic systems to maintain crystal clear and correct water quality balances and they are assisted greatly by an effective pool cover system.


If the pool water isn’t covered the surface area of the water has access to react with the air and release the important minerals and chemicals in the pool that maintain the correct water balance for your relaxing and enjoyable swimming experience.

Extra safety for small children and pets


Swimming Pool safety is one of the main natural concerns people have. Knowing a system can provide additional safety is a welcoming thought.


Although the slatted pool cover design does not replace the importance of a fully functioning pool fence that meets the required standard, they do provide extra piece of mind. And while it’s not recommended to walk on the slatted pool covers they absolutely support the weight of small children or pets and this therefore creates additional peace of mind for families.

Built to last

Niveau Automatic Swimming Pool Covers offer a range of high-grade PVC or Polycarbonate slats in a range of colour finishes. These slats are anti-algae, UV and impact resistant. The design of these slats work as an interlocking system to create a stable, floating surface that is completely sealed from the elements.

Both our PVC and Polycarbonate slats have solar varieties. The bottom of the solar profile has a specific black layer. This absorbs the sunlight and causes the air in the profiles to heat up. The top layer of the pool will warm up and the circulation system will mix the water. The difference in temperature of the whole pool will be noticeably higher. It can lead up to a pool which is 4 to 6 degrees warmer than one without solar profiles.

Rain, hail or shine, our Automatic Pool covers have been tested and are highly rated for the harsh New Zealand climate.

All Niveau Automatic Swimming Pool Cover systems come with a one year electrical warranty and a two-year warranty on pool cover slats.

Product options

Available colours for PVC

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Available colours for Polycarbonate

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Niveau specialise in pool covers


Niveau Automatic Swimming Pool Covers provide the thermal barrier you need and can save you up to fifty percent on energy consumption, to achieve the desired heating management and year-round improved swimming pool economy.

Retro-fit automatic pool covers


A fantastic way to improve an existing swimming pool is to install a retro-fit automatic pool cover.


If you would like to make your existing pool more user friendly, sleek, modern and inviting, we can arrange a site visit with you and discuss the best suit for a retro-fit automatic pool cover.

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– Standard PVC slat colour selection, upgraded Solar Polycarbonate versions are available and priced separately. 

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– Installation in cities outside of Christchurch will incur further freight and travel expenses, pricing can be provided case by case. 

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