Niveau are specialists in residential to large scale commercial swimming pools

Specialist swimming pools

Niveau will take a personal interest in your needs and desires to create a comfortable and suitable indoor or outdoor entertainment area.


They specialise in concrete pools using the latest shotcrete technology and are also able to construct pools using other specified materials.

Why concrete pools?


Niveau believes customers who are after high quality custom design and detailing are best suited to a concrete pool.


Many more options are available with a concrete pool vs other types of pools, such as ready made fibreglass. Any size, shape, depth, ledges, step configurations, kids pool spaces, lounging areas etc. can be custom designed and made to suit the individual customer needs with a concrete pool.


Additional features can also be incorporated into a concrete pool to make it a great option:

  • Swim jets
  • Water features
  • Automatic Pool covers with Solar slat options now made in Polycarbonate for additional heating economy
  • Full in floor self cleaning systems
  • LED pool and spa lights and strip lighting with optional remote or app control
  • Incorporate a spa pool into the design either attached or separate to the pool with seamless integration and style
  • Fully tiled or plaster finishes with almost unlimited options
  • Infinity edge pool design and construction
  • Self supporting concrete structures capable of cantilevering, retaining and supporting other structures
  • Perfect for indoor pool construction where space is premium and design criteria and complexity is high
  • Clean line design assisting high end overall look and feel for the customers pool and landscape design
  • A pool that doesn’t look appealing will not add value to a buyer. The additional real estate value of a pool is only recognised when a the pool is done well and ages well
  • Renovating and modernising a concrete pool is most certainly an option where other pool types cannot be refurbished

Family, relaxation, fun, wellbeing


Water therapy is a wonderful way to unwind and relax. Being able to relieve day to day stresses and enjoy the company of loved ones is a huge benefit to your health and wellbeing.


The kids will love their Niveau swimming pool!


Niveau also make custom automatic swimming pool covers to protect and prolong the life of your pool, and reduce energy consumption.

Customer satisfaction